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Cambridge Crossing – A Planned Community

Workforce Housing

At Cambridge Crossing, 16 of our homes are set aside for purchasers whose household income meets certain criteria. Generally, the income limit is determined by the number of bedrooms in the house. These homes will have a deed restriction keeping them as Workforce for a period of 30 years from when first occupied.

Cambridge Crossing is a thoughtfully planned community which offers low maintenance living, highly energy efficient homes, and the low monthly HOA fee includes grounds maintenance and snow removal. Cambridge Crossing offers public water, public sewers and homes are heated with natural gas.

What is workforce housing?

The Workforce Housing Overlay Zone (WHOZ) is intended to create additional housing opportunities within Simsbury while promoting the appropriate development of Simsbury’s historic Town center and other areas of the community.

For more information about Simsbury’s Workforce Housing Overlay Zone, (Effective 3/1/2022) please go to Simsbury’s Zoning Regulations

Do I qualify and apply?

As of April, 2021, the following income limits apply:

  • 3 Bedroom home $86,778 total household income annually, or less
  • 4 Bedroom home $96,790 total household income annually, or less

Please note that annual household income is defined as all income earned by all occupants in the home age 18 and higher for a term of one calendar year. Examples of income include wages, tips, unemployment compensation, social security, child support, alimony, any kind of recurring payment from the state or federal government. A purchaser of the home must certify their income and sign in front of a notary public. The form that is signed will be submitted to the builder, Sunlight Construction Inc, for review and approval.

The Home Buying process for Workforce Purchasers:

  1. The Home Buying process for Workforce Purchasers:The Home Buying process for Workforce Purchasers:1) Visit Cambridge Crossing, or take one of our virtual on-line tours, and work with any of our skilled sales staff to determine which home works best for you and your family.
  2. Choose a homesite that is reserved for a Workforce Home
  3. Place a reservation on your chosen homesite to ensure that no one else can claim that sitefor a period of 15 days. During the reservation period, you will fill out the certification form and it will be submitted to Sunlight Construction, Inc for review and approval. During this time, you will also receive, and have time to review, some important documents that will inform you about the community at Cambridge Crossing
  4. Wait a few days for the certification to come back, and you are on your way to building a beautiful home at Cambridge Crossing.
  5. It’s time now to write your contract to purchase a custom-made home. You may want to customize your new home with some features that will enhance your home and individualize it to your taste.

** Any questions about what kinds of income need to be reported can be directed to the developer of Cambridge Crossing.

Updated March 2022

What financing options are available?

There are many options available to buyers for financing their home purchase.  There are options available for down payment assistance subject to the lenders guidelines and their approval.  Here are links to two programs

Connecticut Housing Financing Authority

Housing Development Fund